Hard Red Spring Wheat

Superb quality, high protein, identity preserved, milling and baking wheat from Montana. This wheat is grown right in this area so we can guarantee the quality, protein and consistency.

Hard White Spring Wheat

We produce this selected variety of Hard White Spring Wheat specifically for the whole wheat bread industry. Our Hard White Spring Wheat is a super high quality wheat with excellent protein. This wheat produces a whole wheat flour that is lighter in color and sweeter in taste.

Hulless Waxy Barley

Naturally Hulless, highly nutritious barley. High in beta glucans and soluble fiber. Hulless waxy barley is naturally sweet in flavor. Used mostly in cereals, snacks and soups.


High quality, plump and super clean. Triticale can be used in cereal mixes and as a bakery ingredient.

RYE Berries

High quality and triple cleaned, our rye can be used for rye flour, cereal mixes and other commercial uses.

Spelt Flour

Top quality, whole grain Spelt flour, custom milled by a mill devoted solely to spelt milling.

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