Grain holding tanks

Think of the S in Circle S Seeds-Grains as standing for service. Through superior service and pricing, Circle S Seeds-Grains gives you a competitive advantage. Here is a partial list of our capabilities:

  • Source crops from throughout the Pacific NW, Rockies, and Great Plains
  • Identity-preserved products; crops grown to customer specifications
  • Products from conventionally and organically grown grains and legumes
  • Montana Department of Agriculture certified facility
  • Private labeling and custom packaging
  • Orders sizes range from less than a pallet to truckloads or railroad cars
  • Consistent high quality, order after order

Circle S Seeds-Grains has the newest and most efficient grain and legume processing/packaging plant in the region. Adjacent to Interstate 90 and near its intersection with Interstate 15, we are also near major rail freight lines, including a Port of Montana Ocean Container rail loading facility, which we use to serve our overseas customers. These connections save you money, and help assure timely delivery of your orders. We source crops that meet our customer's specifications for identity, variety, culture practices, and intended end use. Once the crop arrives at our plant, we test it for quality, including protein and moisture analysis. Grains go into state-of-the art Wheatland storage bins, where they are air dried to 10% moisture, making the use of chemical protectants unnecessary.


The product is thoroughly cleaned with specialized equipment that separates light particles from heavier ones, then screens for shape and length. A density separator fine tunes the cleaning process. A de-stoner, magnets, state of the art metal detection equipment, and an aspirated bagger help assure neither dust nor other contaminants make their way to our customer's table. You won't find anything but food when you use our products.


The order is packed according to customer specifications. We pachage in 50# bags, Tote/Bulk bags, bulk truck, and RR car. Packaging can either have the Circle S Seeds-Grains logo bags and labels or we will package in private label bags and tags according to the customer's specifications. We encourage customers to talk to us about custom packaging, private labeling, and package design. We can also help with nutritional labeling.

Inside processing plant

Customers like how we do business because we can give them what they want when they want it. Many customers in the food business replenish their inventory JIT. Our extensive storage space, product availability, and reliable shipping help assure we are not just a supplier, but a partner to our customers. Customers can contract with us for specific amounts of product they want shipped during the year. We will warehouse the product and ship it at specified intervals.